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David Pinkley
David Pinkley, Founder
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"David has an uncanny ability to draw out your core competencies and what makes you stand out above everyone else. Then weave it into your resume. "

– Gary, VP of Manufacturing Operations in Ballantyne, NC
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A custom resume is like skipping to the front of the job fair line - except without the dirty looks.  The Sage Résumé Writer is for professionals who require a resume prepared from scratch or updated to include recent accomplishments. 

How it Works
We don’t use questionnaires, checklists or automated software.  We ask thought provoking interview questions and pay attention to details.  As professionally trained interviewers we know how to tease out critical and sometimes elusive facts, honing in on contributions that distinguish you from your competitors.  Indeed, YOU may be impressed by the rediscovery of some of your own accomplishments, which may be forgotten or undervalued.  We will draft an original resume, collaborate on one round of edits, and deliver your final resume in Word and PDF formats. 

What Does it Cost?
Custom resume writing takes time.  The price to write or update your resume is quoted individually and determined by several factors.  Call us at (704) 358-6000 for an estimate.

Did You Know?
In the United States it is possible to deduct most job-search expenses on your personal income tax return.  This includes resume writing services.  Exclusions apply, so we suggest you consult a CPA or other qualified tax professional.

What Qualifies Us To Write Your Resume?
The real value in engaging a resume writer rests in his or her interviewing skills.  Writing skills are important, of course, but the product is only as good as the input.  We are professionally trained and have interviewed over 3,500 job seekers.  We know what hiring managers and recruiters are looking for and we can help you integrate those elements into your resume. 

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